Managing Allergies

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Managing Allergies

Reducing contact with airborne allergens such as dust and pollen can help prevent the onset of allergy symptoms in your preschooler. Here are some tips for helping your child breathe a little easier:

  • Vacuum the floors and carpets on a regular basis (at least once a week).

  • Wash your child's bedding weekly in hot water to eliminate dust mites.

  • Remove any extra pillows and stuffed animals from the bed, since they are prone to collect dust mites.

  • Cover pillows with an allergy-free pillow case protector.

  • Keep windows closed in the car and house, especially when the pollen count is high.

  • Don't hang laundry outside to dry, where it can collect allergens. Use a clothes dryer or hang inside.

  • Bathe your child before bed every night to remove allergens that may have collected on his clothes and body throughout the day.

  • Consider purchasing a portable room air cleaner for your child's bedroom to filter airborne particles and help him breathe easier.



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