English Objectives

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English Objectives

The following is a list of the English objectives covered in the kindergarten curriculum. This is not what a child needs to know upon entering kindergarten. Rather, it is what a child should be introduced to and master during the year to prepare him or her for first grade. Some concepts are more difficult than others, but if you begin to introduce these objectives to your child in the preschool years, it will be much easier for your child to master them in kindergarten.

1. retell information heard
2. discriminate: beginning, middle, end
3. discriminate: top, bottom, up, down
4. discriminate: first, next, last
5. discriminate: on, over, under
6. discriminate: far, near
7. discriminate: positions in pictures
8. discriminate: before, after
9. tell the difference between unlike shapes
10. tell the difference between unlike numbers
11. tell the difference between unlike letters
12. tell the difference between unlike words
13. recall picture details from a 5-second look
14. recall removed object from group
15. assemble a seven piece puzzle
16. trace between parallel lines
17. trace between curved lines
18. outline a figure
19. copy a given shape
20. reproduce letters as shown
21. color within lines
22. cut with scissors on line
23. discriminate: left, right
24. move eye in left-right progression
25. enjoy stories
26. distinguish various sounds
27. speak in complete sentences
28. speak with correct pronunciation
29. recite rhymes within the group
30. share riddles with the group
31. share ideas with the group
32. retell stories heard
33. roleplay situations
34. name/read/print color words
35. name/read/print shape words
36. name/read/print number words
37. name/read/print size words
38. capitalize first word of sentence
39. recognize and know days of the week
40. recognize and know months of the year



3/6/2013 10:39:27 AM
Ainth Rilo said:

i like this short method of writing objectives, its easy and clear what students will learn in the end of the stage.....thanks


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