Your Child at Five Years Old

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Your Child at Five Years Old

This is a brief summary of what to expect for a five-year-old's development. If you have any specific concerns or questions, you should address those with your child's pediatrician.

Physical Development

  • assists with making own bed

  • colors within the lines

  • ties own shoes

  • jumps rope

Social Development

  • is aware of gender

  • separates fantasy from reality

  • comforts friends and others when they are sad

  • understands there are rules when playing games

  • expresses feelings

  • wants to please friends

  • wants to be like friends

  • agrees to rules

  • likes to sing, dance, and act

  • shows more independence

Cognitive Development

  • uses past, present, and future tenses correctly

  • groups similar objects together

  • understands the idea of today, tomorrow, and yesterday

  • identifies most letters and numbers

  • retells a story from a picture book


Five year olds still need lots of sleep and many will still take a nap. During the school year, bedtime should be strictly enforced to ensure your child gets enough sleep, usually no later than 8pm.


Keep children healthy by encouraging them to eat a variety of foods, get regular exercise, and choose a diet with plenty of grains, vegetables, fruits, and vitamins to meet their growing body's requirements.



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