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Question 1

Do you need paint brushes to paint with preschoolers?

Preschoolers love to experiment with the texture of paint. They love to use their fingers or a stick to paint with - in fact, any object will do and the more unusual the better!

Question 2

Where´s the best place to get craft supplies?

The local supermarket
A craft supply shop aimed at children´s needs
Educational supplier
Around the home
Kids don´t need fancy or expensive supplies to create crafty items that are fun and memorable. Create treasures from trash with your preschooler today.

Question 3

Is it important for preschoolers to create mini-masterpieces in their art sessions?

The catch phrase of any learning activity with preschoolers is "it is the process, not the product"...

Question 4

Can we do art without supplies?


Question 5

What can a preschooler make as a gift?

A mess...
Creative gift wrapping paper!
A preschooler can help you make something or choose a bought gift, then add their personal touch with bright handpainted wrapping paper.

Question 6

How can we save clean-up time?

Don´t do art or craft...
Do the least messy activities possible...
Move your table outside.
Do the activity for them.
By moving your activity outside (weather permitting) you can allow the children to create more freely without the worry of mess in the house or classroom.

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