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ClickStart - My First Computer by Leapfrog

This is a great little first computer for preschoolers. To begin with, the keyboard is set up like a "real" keyboard (QWERT) instead of the typical ones that start with A. The rows of keys are different colors, so if your child is having trouble finding a letter, you can give him a hint by telling him what color the key is. It comes with a few games already installed, with 2 different levels to challenge your child as they grow. My son started using it at age 2 at Level 1, and now at almost 4, he is on Level 2. There are a lot of different games you can buy for it as well, with the popular TV and movie characters your child likes. Another great feature is the fact that the keyboard is wireless. This is great if you have other children (toddlers and babies) around because your preschooler can play with his computer and there are no cords for the other children to grab and pull or trip over.

The only downside that I have found is that since the keyboard works with your TV, your child is going to view this toy as more of a video game, instead of a computer. So if your preschooler is excited about having a computer or laptop like Mom and Dad, it really doesn't seem like the same thing. However, that is really only a minor setback. The main thing is that it teaches your child keyboarding and mouse skills, it's completely safe, and makes learning fun, which is really all you can ask for at this age.

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