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Gifts for Your Child's Teacher

Don't waste your time shopping around to find the perfect gift for your child's teacher. Make life easier by picking up a gift card at one of your favorite stores - chances are good that the teacher will love it too. If a gift card seems too impersonal, consider attaching it to some homemade treats. Here are some other ideas:

Preschool books - Teachers are always looking for new books to add to their classroom library.

Preschool CDs - Look for something fun with lots of well-known songs.

Subscriptions - There are some fabulous magazines out there for teachers, especially Teacher's Helper and Mailbox, as well as for the classroom such as Highlights and National Geographic for Kids. Make sure your teacher doesn't already have a subscription and be sure to purchase the correct grade level.

Supplies - Preschool teachers are always running out of art supplies, and they often have to replenish them using their own money. Consider buying some basic art supplies like washable paints, glitter, and sponges.


Don't Send Your Sick Child to School

It sucks to be sick. It sucks even worse if you feel sick and you have to go to school. There are two types of parents that send their child to school when he is sick. The first type says, "He's running a low fever, but I gave him some Tylenol so he should be fine." If your child has a fever - keep him home! Yes, you will have to miss work, but that's the way it goes when you have kids. The other type of parent says, " She just didn't want to stay home, she loves school so much!" That may be true, but she probably also loves ice cream and I'm sure you don't give her that for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, even if she asks for it. Bottom line is you have to make the best decision for your child. If your child is sick, keep her home for the day to get some rest and hopefully she will feel better tomorrow.


Lock the Bedroom Door

Kids talk... even about things they really don't know that much about. So if your preschooler happens to see you and your spouse doing the deed, you can bet they're going to tell their friends. Not only that, but they will mimic those actions on the playground. Even if you think the kids are fast asleep, get a lock for your bedroom door and use it.


Say Goodbye

Once your child has adjusted to school, usually by the end of the first two weeks, give her a hug and a kiss goodbye and just leave already. Staying and lingering in the classroom may give your child the impression that you don’t want to leave her, and she may feel frightened. And please don’t sneak out. You want your child to feel like this is where she belongs, and even though she may cry at first, she will quickly understand and accept the routine.

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