When Your Child Isn't Invited

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When Your Child Isn't Invited

Your heart sinks. Your child has just come home from school crying because she wasn't invited to her best friend's birthday party. What should you do?

First, make sure it's for real. Many kids will threaten not to invite someone to their party, but their birthday may be months away. By that time, no one will remember anything about it.

Next, give them some time to work it out. Many conflicts can be resolved on the playground without any parent intervention. Talk to your preschooler and give her some suggestions for smoothing things over with her friend.

If she still doesn't get an invite, you have two choices: confront the child's parents (Oh, I noticed Sally didn't get an invite to Cindy's party, was that an oversight?) or do nothing. Once the party is over, there will probably be some hurt feelings, but it will all be forgotten by the next sleepover.



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