Spelling and Vocabulary Objectives

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Spelling and Vocabulary Objectives

The following is a list of the Spelling and Vocabulary objectives covered in the kindergarten curriculum. This is not what a child needs to know upon entering kindergarten. Rather, it is what a child should be introduced to and master during the year to prepare him or her for first grade. Some concepts are more difficult than others, but if you begin to introduce these objectives to your child in the preschool years, it will be much easier for your child to master them in kindergarten.

1. name the alphabet letters
2. match small/capital letters
3. identify letter when seen
4. print alphabet letters
5. sequence letters alphabetically
6. discriminate vowels/consonants
7. name/read/define/spell preprimer words
8. name/read/define/spell primer words
9. enjoy stories
10. speak in complete sentences
11. speak with correct punctuation
12. hear/name/repeat/print initial consonants
13. hear/name/repeat/print final consonants
14. hear/name/repeat/print medial consonants
15. hear/name/repeat/print initial blends
16. hear/name/repeat/print final blends
17. hear/name/repeat/print 3-letter blends
18. hear/name/repeat/print long vowels
19. hear/name/repeat/print short vowels
20. name words ending in: ack, ake, all, am, at, ay
21. name words ending in: in, ight, ing, ish, ind
22. name words ending in: ell, et, eck, ook, ock
23. name words to rhyme with any given word
24. capitalize the first word of a sentence



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