Math Objectives

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Math Objectives

The following is a list of the Mathematics objectives covered in the kindergarten curriculum. This is not what a child needs to know upon entering kindergarten. Rather, it is what a child should be introduced to and master during the year to prepare him or her for first grade. Some concepts are more difficult than others, but if you begin to introduce these objectives to your child in the preschool years, it will be much easier for your child to master them in kindergarten.

1. classify, sort objects by size, color, and shape
2. place/move: to left and right
3. place/move: over, under, on
4. place/move: above, below, between
5. place/move: inside and outside
6. place/move: first to tenth place
7. place/move: beginning or last/end
8. follow a 2-step direction
9. follow a 4-step direction
10. sequence smallest to largest
11. sequence events in a story
12. contrast size as same/different
13. contrast size as smaller/larger
14. contrast distance: near/far
15. contrast quantity: all/some/none
16. contrast quantity: one more than, one less than
17. contrast quantity: more/less
18. repeat a given pattern seen
19. repeat a given pattern heard
20. complete a pattern of shapes, color, and size
21. create an original pattern
22. define a group and give example
23. recognize/name group of objects, pictures, and ideas
24. describe group characteristics
25. show equivalent/nonequivalent groups
26. show groups greater than given group
27. show groups less than given group
28. show empty set as zero
29. match concrete objects: 1 to 1
30. match pictured objects: 1 to 1
31. count in sequence to twenty
32. replace number in sequence
33. recognize/draw: circle/curve
34. recognize/draw: square/rectangle/triangle
35. tell the value of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters
36. sort coins by name, by value
37. match number/set of objects
38. read/write numbers through 20
39. tell time to the hour
40. name/count days of the week
41. name/count months of the year
42. define numeral as number name
43. match numeral and number word



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This is really helpful. may I have a copy emailed to me for practicing with my 4 year old? Thanks


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