Social Studies Objectives

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Social Studies Objectives

The following is a list of the Social Studies objectives covered in the kindergarten curriculum. This is not what a child needs to know upon entering kindergarten. Rather, it is what a child should be introduced to and master during the year to prepare him or her for first grade. Some concepts are more difficult than others, but if you begin to introduce these objectives to your child in the preschool years, it will be much easier for your child to master them in kindergarten.

1. tell his/her own name and the names of of his/her parents
2. tell his/her address, phone number, birthday
3. will describe him/herself and draw a picture of him/herself
4. compare him/herself to another by appearance
5. tell the names and location of objects/areas in school
6. tell ways to improve order, beauty, and joy in the environment
7. tell how to ask for help appropriately when needed
8. tell how to choose right person to help in a situation
9. tell the reason why there are rules in school and at home
10. tell which tools and objects are needed for school and work
11. tell how each person is dependent on others
12. tell how classmates help each other
13. tell the names and jobs of people who fill your needs
14. explain the need for affection, belonging, success
15. explain ways to keep oneself healhty and safe
16. name specific emotions and describe the feeling
17. tell the consequences of specific emotional reactions
18. explain why communication is necessary
19. name ways people communicate: oral, written, nonverbal
20. explain inappropriate behavior between friends/people
21. describe characteristics and roles of family members
22. draw the type, location, rooms, furnishing of homes
23. think of a problem and tell how to solve it
24. name things you have that you can share
25. tell how where you live effects how you live
26. name forms of life that no longer live on this planet
27. tell how, when, and why groups celebrate special events
28. identify places where people learn
29. compare types of homes: house/apartment/igloo/mobile home/tent
30. memorize emergency phone numbers/strategies
31. locate community on map, globe
32. tell relative direction: right/left/up/down
33. tell relative distance: long/short/closer/farther



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