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Sharing can be a difficult concept for your preschooler, especially if she has had negative experiences from a lack of adequate supervision at preschool or daycare, or also if your preschooler just hasn't really had to share anything up until now. Give your preschooler enough opportunities to practice and plenty of examples to learn from and soon he will be sharing successfully.

Begin by asking and requiring that your preschooler share with YOU. This is where you teach him how to take turns and you can explain how great it feels when he offers you one of his toys. Next, move on to scheduling playdates. Determine which toys should be available for your child's friend to play with, and explain to your child that he will have to share those toys. Put away or hide from sight any special or favorite toys. Be sure to take an active role in the sharing process by explaining to both your child and the other child the rules about taking turns and not grabbing.

It won't happen overnight, but hopefully after a few playdates your preschooler will begin to get the idea. Soon he will be happy to give up a toy to make a new friend.



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